Elegant refinement and subtle departures aptly define the Thomas Bina collection, a versatile range of 130 pieces that finds the diligent artist creating well within himself; the launch of Thomas Bina reflects a disciplined craftsman setting aside his more archetypal influences to express his own inner-chic; the collection is comprised of a sophisticated blend of lighter and more evocative materials with a sculptural attention to detail. The Thomas Bina collection is a bracingly bold addition to the designer’s legacy that complements all that has come before.

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Thomas Bina
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For renowned designer Thomas Bina, it is the bold and unusual blending of materials in his work that characterizes his designs. A Los Angeles native, Bina has the ability to balance classic and contemporary, born from his status as a pioneer and early innovator of sustainable design. As a disciplined and principled craftsman in his own right, Bina is part artist, part explorer. Through a provocative use of materials, Bina translates his vision into bold and distinctive aesthetics. He defines his ongoing creative mission today, by bringing to life the natural character of every inspired resource he encounters.