Coup&Co limited edition handmade artworks are imbued with rich narratives, journeys of craftsmanship and exceptional attention to detail. The Coup&Co collection showcases everything from statement-making installations that command attention, to finishing touches which capture imaginations. Technology and tradition, culture and colloquialism, flourish and fatigue weave together in wall art created for discerning designer eyes.

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​Jean-Pierre Brown

To Jean-Pierre Brown, experience feeds creativity. French by persuasion and Canadian by certification, Brown has spent time in Thailand, Vietnam, India, Bali, China and Japan. Fifteen years living and working in Asia has unlocked valuable insights into processes of craftsmanship and innovative contemporary techniques that result in high-end artisanal interior artwork. Drawing upon defining moments, experiences and ideas from his travels, Brown’s work captures something of both the creator and the observer. His approach could be considered a lifelong journey where he continues to explore the beautiful interaction that occurs between designed objects and luxurious spaces.

Coup&Co allows Brown to find the sweet spot between his love and appreciation of home interiors and his devotion to art. It is a crescendo, culminating in pieces that inspire, intrigue and stimulate.