Quality, originality and timelessness form the foundation of Nellcote Studio’s philosophy. As a lighting design workshop, Nellcote pieces are created with a deep reverence for the influence they play in an environment. Combining utilitarian build techniques with retro elegance and classic silhouettes, Nellcote designs lift the spirit of their spaces.

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Nellcote Studio
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​Palmer Earley

Texas native, Palmer Earley’s free spirit has spurred his passions and propelled his richly creative life. From surfing to writing, film and television to product design, Earley is inspired to pursue the unorthodox, live life to the fullest and create art. Earley’s designs can be found around the world. His approach to design is reflected in his one-of-a-kind pieces that seek to capture a more timeless approach: an equilibrium of quality and originality.

Lighting meets art in Earley’s work, with fixtures that verge on sculptural. The goal is to create a unique product that lifts the spirit of a home, inspires those who encounter it and balances architectural symmetry with organic inspiration.